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The Magic Portal Experiential Game is an outdoor activity that combines the concept of treasure hunt and video game, with riddles in augmented reality.

Your mission: to find all magic crystals, close the magic portal and save our world!

Step back in time to a world of mystical trolls and mythical beasts, separated from humanity through a series of magical portals, each guarded by a trusted Goblin Guardian.

It is said that one of Treviso’s magical portals remained open after the Guardian Goblin fell into a deep sleep. Creatures from the world of darkness have managed to enter and are roaming the streets, wreaking havoc. According to an ancient legend, the power of three magic crystals is the only thing strong enough to fix a broken portal.

You have 120 minutes to carefully venture through the streets of Treviso, find the crystals, close the portal and save the world from destruction. Humanity depends on you. The keys to success will be observation, communication and cooperation.

How to Play

Fantasy outdoor game

A new adventure game where the lines between the real world and fantasy often get confused. A team of 2 to 6 players. An experiential activity ideal for family living with children aged 10 and over and for teenagers. One of the magical portals has opened and dark creatures are trying to enter. Can you close the portal and save the world from chaos?

Equipped with a geolocated tablet and a briefcase, it’s up to you to find clues, solve puzzles and unlock mechanisms in Augmented Reality. (you will be asked for an identity document and a deposit of 100 euros)

Do you want to organize a birthday for children and teenagers, or a challenge, up to 25 players.


Difficult level +10 years and adults.
For each game there is a hint and you decide whether to use it or not.


The mission must be completed within 120 minutes, otherwise the world will be in great danger.
But don’t worry, thanks to a reliable hint system, you will never get stuck.


We recommend groups of up to six people, multiple teams can play at the same time.


2 Players €90
3 Players €100
4 Players €120
5 Players €150
6 Players €180
For each additional player €30 per person


The puzzles and riddles are scattered throughout the city center and thanks to the GPS system they will only show up when you reach them.


Augmented reality is a modern technology that combines the real and virtual worlds without using glasses.
In other words: inanimate things come to life.


The mission can be played in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish.
Please let us know at the time of booking in which language you want to play.


For reservations you can contact us on the phone 3923374345, by sending a WhatsApp message by clicking on the green icon below, or by writing an email to Invia una richiesta via WhatsApp


Saving the world is not easy. That’s why you’ll receive a toolkit, an iPad for the duration of the game, and everything a Special Agent needs to complete this mission.