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A new challenge for all our Escape Room enthusiast friends, three hours of pure and healthy fun.

This time the city of Treviso becomes the destination to conquer.

The secret of San Thomas is our proposal for playing outdoors and is a mix between a treasure hunt with escape room elements and urban safari. It’s a quest for answers to tough questions by searching the city for clues in hidden art, symbols and architecture to solve mysteries and decipher puzzles as well as take part in fun photo challenges!

This game takes you to medieval Treviso to learn one of the secrets of the Knights Templar. You will be heroic characters, called to perform acts of great courage, to prevent evil from taking over the city.

Intelligence, wisdom and agility are the goals to be conquered.

Mystery, history, culture and art will accompany you along the way.

How to Play

Almost 1000 years ago, Thomas of Canterbury, together with his faithful squire on a pilgrimage to the holy city, mysteriously disappeared in the mists of the Treviso countryside.

The last person who saw them before disappearing was the Grand Master of the Templar order, found dead a few days later in his room, on the table was found a map of the city full of strange undeciphered symbols and a note with the written: “Invocationem pronuntiando tenebras dissipare”.

Today it’s up to you to solve this mystery, using the clues and passing the tests, you have the daunting task of finding and pronouncing the invocation that could destroy the Dark Ones forever.


The game is organized for private events starting from 20 people, the groups will separate into smaller teams to solve the mystery. We’ve created multiple courses for each game so teams have little chance of meeting each other.
To give even smaller groups the opportunity to play, events open to all are planned in spring and autumn, follow us on social networks to find out the dates.
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The game is suitable for groups of friends, hen and stag parties, families with children aged 10 and over, classes of first and second grade students.
Even four-legged friends are welcome if you like.


Dozens of companies have already chosen our games for Team Building activities.
The game is suitable for groups of up to 100 people, divided into teams. For any information contact us, we will be happy to organize the most suitable experiential activity for your group.


The teams will receive the rules of the game, the instructions and the game kit at the meeting point. They will have up to three hours to explore the city, track down and solve clues, search for answers, and complete challenges.


Once you have decided on the date and time, call or write to us.
Our event planner will be at your disposal to give you all the information regarding the rules of the game and the price. We ask for a deposit of 50% of the estimated number of players, which guarantees your reservation.


For information you can contact us on the phone 3923374345, by sending a WhatsApp message by clicking on the green icon below, or by writing an email to info@enigmacitygame.itInvia una richiesta via WhatsApp